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How do computers play?

The computer is an invention that in my view is the best work of art by man to date. But a computer is just a tool which without other tools like a program won’t be able to do anything much. A computer can do many tasks at an incredible speed and accuracy but it does this by taking instructions from a program. Say you wanted to calculate the BMI (Base to Mass Index), you will have to do several things. The data needed to get this value is the height in meters squared and the weight in kg. Naturally, the computer will be able to compute this, but the computer is not aware of such things as height and weight. Therefore, it is necessary to instruct the computer to:

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Data types and Objects Part 2

Welcome to the second post of this 3 part series discussing data types and objects. Well well! To be honest, trying to squeeze object-oriented programming (from now on I will use oop) to only 3 posts is a hard task because the topic is so wide but the point here is just to get you started. I will give you more links for further reading once we are done. We will start where we left off. I had asked you what changed in our post. (Link)?

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Data types and Objects Part 1

Have you ever had that friend who tells you there is something in math which she has never applied in life and normally the example given is something like BODMAS? If you are that friend, well all that just changed. Math is very important in programming. We have already covered basically what is programming and in a few words, it is something which gives you output or result based on certain inputs that have gone through processing to give us the desired result using a computer. The processing normally involves Math. If you dint use BODMAS in school to remember which operator precedes what in an expression, well it stands for (Brackets, of, division multiplication addition and subtraction.) In this article, we will talk about the data type-numbers (I hope you have done your homework if not go back and read the previous post). But the main goal is not to learn the syntax in this case how numbers are applied within python but shed light on the last piece of the puzzle which is ‘Python is object-oriented’. Remember we defined Python as a widely-used, interpreted, object-oriented, and high-level programming language with dynamic semantics, used for general-purpose programming.

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