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My first article

So here I am writing my first article and I have no clue what to write about………….. Just kidding! Welcome to the first step of the rest of your life.  My name is Jesse Nyakundi. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Information systems and technology and a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). I have been studying python since September 30th, 2017 after passing my CCNA on the 29th of September that year and my dive into the programing language was totally influenced by my CCNA studies. I have been spending not less than 4 hours a day up to 10 hours studying python since then and to say the least, this has been my most challenging, frustrating but very fulfilling action and I don’t regret a single second during this fun journey. My only regret is that it has taken this long to reach where I am and the reason for this blog to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

I pursed networking as a minor in my bachelors, I didn’t like programming everyone was talking about how hard it was and boy were they right. I chose the easy way out which was the networking minor and yes it was a little bit easier so at least from that move, I ensured my GPA wasn’t messed so much.  Playing safe paid off because after graduating with a good GPA, I landed a job. 

We were using CISCO appliances at my place of work and there was this colleague from the Netherlands who I was always in communication with. From the discussions we had had with him and seeing how he was configuring the networks of this multinational company, I knew where my career was headed. I went to eBay did shopping for a cisco 2550 switch and a cisco 1841 router and started my CCNA track. The good thing was that around this period, Kenya had really advanced its internet availability and set up a SOHO (small office home office) was really cheap. I had all the tools I needed and most importantly the biggest tool of them all, time.  

Why Python. Well for starters CISCO told me how this was the only way and without programming skills especially in python, my future as an I.T expert was doomed. The network has changed a lot in only a few years. In today’s times, we have all heard of terms like SDN (software-defined network), IOE (internet of everything). Well, these, in a nutshell, are networks that are interlinked from a central place called a controller where all commands that affect the networks/applications come from this central device. How do you control the network? By programming it of course. If you have some considerable experience in I.T to the mid-level status of which I expect my audience to be, at least for now, we will be covering beginner level stuff this might seem Greek to some but once we start covering topics like APIs all this we all become clear. So my why is because CISCO said so but we are not talking about me, are we?

The focus is on you. So why should you learn python, I would do this crudely with a question- why not? With python, you can automate repetitive tasks that would take you days or even months to do. Let’s look at an example. Your manager approaches you and gives you a pdf document filled with lots of customer information and she wants it sorted according to some criteria say location. How would you go about it, well a lazy person will create a formula in excel which sort out this info for you but that would involve transferring the data to the excel sheet which you might as well be doing the sorting as you transfer the data. Comment how you would go about this in the comment section. How would a Pythonista go about it? First, he will create a script that has the logic to sort out the criteria according to the wishes and voila It’s all done and you can YouTube the rest of the day. The transferring bit can be done using a module called pyperclip. To summarise why I would say all the big companies are using python e.g.  Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat, and even NASA yes rockets are launched using a bit of python logic.

I will be posting a blog every week on beginner topics in a manner that can easily be followed from one blog to the other. You will have an opportunity to post comments or questions in using our contact form or email subscribe section for replies. I will also be posting external resources that will aid in this incredible journey for further reading. Once we are up to speed we will also be doing videos that will also be available on youtube.

If you dint absorb anything from above I will summarize it below:

  • Python is hard.
  • Programming requires logical thinking. You will change how you reason.
  • Python needs time and dedication. Lots of it!
  • Python is in fashion and a guaranteed money maker.
  • Python is fun.
  • Don’t quit your job because you want to learn python or maybe should you?
  • Python is easy.

Are you excited? I am. All the best!


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